Lubricants, Sealants, Cleaners and More

Every business needs chemicals, and without the right lubricants, sealants and adhesives, work comes to a screeching, grinding halt. D&S Industrial Fasteners has the chemicals you need to keep everything running smoothly. Our top-selling products include:


From industrial-grade power to the latest in environmentally friendly solutions, we supply an exhaustive range of chemical supplies for manufacturing, cleaning, maintenance and repair operations.

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Tired of Managing Your Storeroom? We Can Do It for You!

Making sure you have the right tools, parts and chemicals on-hand when you need them shouldn't be your full-time occupation, it's ours. The D&S Industrial Fasteners Stockroom Management Program keeps you freshly stocked with all the chemicals you regularly use (as well as fasteners, tools, safety equipment and anything else you might need), leaving you free to focus exclusively on staying productive. Our program saves you time, labor and money -- pure and simple.

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In addition to chemical supplies, D&S Industrial Fasteners also provides extensive selections of safety equipment, industrial fasteners and industrial equipment.